Created specifically for B2B advertisers

Problem: Is our digital advertising working?

Solution: B2B Digital Dashboard

Simple solution to bring clarity around the effectiveness of your B2B digital advertising campaigns. What is working, what is not, what can be improved.

What is the B2B Digital Dashboard?

The dashboard is designed specifically for B2B advertisers, catering to the unique challenges of measuring digital advertising success within B2B space. It allows user to input basic data, which the dashboard generates into user-friendly analysis that can be viewed through various tabs on the dashboard. It serves as a library of what ads have run and how they have performed individually, along with individual and cumulative metrics on how the different media outlets are performing. The dashboard will provide all the data you need as you develop ROI on your advertising and help identify where changes should be made to increase your advertising performance.

How It Works

Key Features

The B2B Digital Dashboard in-depth data analysis features automatic reports for:

Campaign total results by month

Goal vs Actual by month and year


Newsletter/Custom Blasts

Media outlet by month and year

Media outlet goal vs actual

Media tactics by month and year

Calls to action



  • No-charge initial dashboard set up

  • Free trial period for first month

  • 11 automatic analyses

  • Unlimited Dashboards

  • Unlimited Users

  • 24/7 Dashboard Access

  • Priority Support


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